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I prepared myself for the Technician PEV exam last Tuesday, and fully intended to ensure passing it the first time around.

However I am quite sure that I have failed.

I found Section 1 - text worded so badly that it was quite impossible to
find what figures you were after.

I have worked through the last 5 years exam papers without any major problems, however found myself becoming totally unstuck in the exam.

I am disappointed in the AAT

I believe the exam is set to test your Accounting Abilities, and not to word the abstract so badly that you spend 40 mins trying to figure out what the heck is going on!!! :mad2:


  • princess246
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    Hi John

    I agree i took the Pev exam on Monday and section 1 realy threw me too. Because of this im sure that i have failed to. I revised stuff like absorption and marginal costing and there was no mention of any of this in the exam.
  • joyride
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    I agree 100% as does eveyone else I've spoken to. You should fill in the exam feedback form, i did!
  • Kitty Smith
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    PEV Exam on Monday 3rd Dec 2007

    Hello all

    I am pleased to learn that NJOHN feels the same about the PEV exam in paper on Monday 3rd Dec 07 and the Section 1 wordings sounds like if it were double Dutch to me. I have failed PEV many times (last June, I passed on Section 1 but fail on Section 2). Therefore, I was determined to drill on the ratios analysis in Section 2 and hopefully I will pass this time.

    I am currently doing home study by myself and use my old textbooks way back to 2004/05. I have practised on the past exam papers on PEV for the last 3 years and I felt that I ready for it this time, as I have spent the last 3 months to revise the textbook and the exam papers. I was confident that I will pass this time! But how wrong I was, when I open and read the Section 1 information, in which I was baffled and confused by the wordings and I don’t know how to extract the info which the examiner want me to do! At this, I was in the panicky mode and I have forgotten how to do the variances!!! Although I have passed on Section 1 in June 07 Exam but failed on Section 2, I am afraid to say that I will definitely fail this time round again.

    I understand the basic techniques of the calculation of Variances but I am very weak on the analytical technique that is how to extract the information from. Have you any suggestion to help to overcome my handicap?

    Kitty :001_unsure:
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