DFS exam 5 Dec 2007

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Not sure about others but I am not positive about passing this exam...the paper itself wasn't difficult but my mind went 'blank' when looking at the operating profit and cash flow statement, had to move on to the other tasks and go back to it. I used all the time allocated and well just didn't do my best, as soon as i walked out of the exam room i knew where i went wrong! basic questions, as previously seen on other exams just got lost!
Still maybe I took on too much this year and should have just sat the re-sits.

interested in what others think

Will wait for the results but not sure i will show 'competance'


  • emjane72
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    So long as you have attempted the answer I wouldn't worry too much. Even if your figures are wrong they will still give marks on your attempts if you've shown a basic understanding. If you managed the rest of the paper ok then I'm sure you will be fine. They don't expect you to get 100% but so long as you prove you have the basic knowledge in each section then you should be ok.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  • *Sarah*
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    I was exactly the same! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I missed out the profit on the sale of the asset in the reconcilliantion and also added the tax and interest instead of taking them off. dont know why I did that! I thought the rest of the paper seemed to go well so I'm hoping this won't effect it too much!?
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