Dfs 5 Dec

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Not sure what everyone else thought of the DFS paper today but in my opion it could have been a lot worse. All of my financial statements balanced but I'm not sure if my answers to the questions were ok. Did anyone else talk about the control of subsidiaries (by the parent) and the > 50% ownership in the last part of Section 1? Aquirers of combinations?! Please help!

Also, did eneryone get an improvement in the net profit ratio only, and a deteriorisation in the other 3?

Good luck to everyone who has more exams this week :thumbup:


  • revpp
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    dfs paper

    i was pretty pleased with the exam today also. in reply to control of subsidiary and 50% stuff, i definitely used that kind of information. everything balanced for me also except balance sheet in section 1. was £100 out but couldn't find it. anyway should still be ok i think. was relieved with paper especially after PEV exam monday gone. section 2 was ok, but section 1 was horrendous for me. even though i am very familiar with variances this was rough to say the least. how did anyone else find it?
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    yeah i did pretty much the same, luckily everything balanced and i did mention the 50% ownership, i also got an increase in net profit and decrease in other 3 so looks like we were both on the same tracks!! good luck with results xx
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