Yes, that double dutch PEV exam

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Right im new to this but here it goes:

- how did you find PEV dec exam? i know that theres all these threads but i just need a few questions answered;

section two i didnt commit suicide answering but section one stressed me out big time;

i didnt answer the ratios part (serction 1.3)
i had structure in answer but i know ive got the figures incorrect
and im confused on whether ive put the right amounts on that scorecard.

Does this mean that ive failed?:confused1:

what percentage is needed to pass a section?

i found section one hard, in another language, confusing and i had sacrificed alcohol for three weeks to revise past PEV papers etc but hardly any of them touched on the parts of the syllabus that PEV Dec 07 contained. Unless its me im a bit angry at the content of section one - im sure theres people out there who can prove competence on a larger part of the syllabus, but couldnt answer this paper as it basically asked you questions on things you'd probably only ever need once in an management accounting career! :thumbdown:
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