Tax Returns in yet?

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How are you getting on? I have two sets of accounts and Tax Returns yet to start, two pending more information and two almost ready to submit. Not bad for December! Better than last year I think! :thumbup1:
Oh and possibly one new client, who has not yet provided me with the relevant information!!!


  • shaxxa
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    I too have two sets of accounts and tax returns to complete, another 2 tax returns to start after that as well as a ATT mock exam to be in by the 20th when I haven't even finished the syllabus :crying:
    This is my first year in the Dec/Jan build up/count down so am not quite sure what to expect :ohmy:

  • claudialowe
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    5 returns either waiting for me to do something or waiting for more info from clients - basically done but not yet ticked off the list.

    9 people still not received anything from - sent them all a letter last Friday along the lines of "pull your fingers out, if I don't get your stuff soon it will be too late, and if its too late you will get fined and probably a tax investigation too" - 3 of them have taken note and allegedly bringing their carrier bags round on Monday. The rest are being ostrich like, and will pay (financially to me if nothing else) for being so.

    Also got to do a set of cessation accounts before Christmas - but not getting stuff until 14th...........

    I think that I am more behind hand than this time last year :ohmy:

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