Sage Payroll Tuition

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Hello everyone.

Some time ago I considered the idea of setting up a Sage Payroll Training Course in this area as I had at the time ceased teaching the course at Adult Education College.

At the time I was unable to devote enough resources into the project, however having discussed the matter with several members of Re-Skills programmes, Training institutions etc in the area I hope to set up a 5/6 week course, (one day per week) in the South Lakes area (Cumbria) and would be interested in hearing from anyone who would find this course useful.

Obviously at this time details of cost, location, times etc are not available this is simply a message to determine the number of interested parties.

I would envisage that all materials, software, refreshments etc would be provided.

The course would probably lead to NVQ qualification at level 2 or above

Can anyone who would be interested if this course were to become available in 2008 please post a reply as soon as possible, or to ask any questions, I will attempt to reply to all with as much information as is available at this time.

Many thanks for your time.
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