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How do you print a decent bank rec using Sage?!!

i.e. one that actually looks like a bank rec.

The print option on the bank rec only gives you the options of printing matched or unmatched items - well that's not much use, particularly as it doesn't total the bloody columns up!!

I have resorted to hitting the 'Print screen' button and taking a screenshot!!


  • shaxxa
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    You can get a far nicer print from the saved bank recs in Sage.
    From memory (sorry new laptop without Sage) there is an option to open saved recs in a pdf format (from the reconciliation window).
    But unfortunatley, you can't play around with a pdf format, it just looks prettier.
    Of course, you can't get the good ole traditional bank rec as it should be but it's much nicer than a typical sage report with those horrible 'R's :cursing:

    Sorry Dean, I guess this doesn't solve your problem so the print screen function may be your best bet!

  • sheelagh
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    Hi Dean

    Try the "Bank Statement - Reconciled and Unreconciled Report" in the Reconciled and Unreconciled Transaction Reports folder. This gives a list for each category with a total for each.
    The "Statement" option will print a report which is a bank statement lookalike and lists only reconciled items, but also shows the book balance.
    Either way, I find the Sage reports are not sufficient to prove the bank rec without hand writing a sum or two at the end of the report.
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