AAT exam results - 20 Feb?!

Mike_Leeds Registered Posts: 6 New contributor 🐸
I've read that the results aren't out until 20th February.
I think that 11 weeks is too long to wait.

ACA professional exams are next week and they get their results on 25th Jan (under 7 weeks!)

Why can't the AAT mark our papers quicker?


  • Bluewednesday
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    I've got an ACCA exam on Monday 10th and get my results on 18/2 but that is really unusual, I usually take them before AAT and get the results after. I think 10 weeks is usual for AAT, ACCA and CIMA so I think ACA is the more unusual.
  • claire82
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    I agree...

    I agree that the waiting time for exams is too long.
    my tutor who is marking DFS this year received papers to mark yesterday-one day after the exam!! so what do they do between now and February??

    I think January would be better, it's an agonising wait especially when you don't know how you've done!!

    good luck to everyone who's done exams this week! roll on February!
  • peugeot
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    This article may help explain things for you:
  • bjourne
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    what will you do if you mess up?

    hey..guyz i'm really in a big trouble and i don't know what will happen to my future right now...well actually i'm talking about the exam....i am currently taking up the AAT Intermediate and Technician at the same time and then in the central exam i thought 65% i messed up due to mental black whatever...what will happen if i didn't pass this central exam:scared:,would there be a probationary test or something so that i can finished this course...i'm horrified :(to myself and the class will be continous until june and i don't know now,what will be my state in the class...HELP:crying:i desperately need some answer?:crying:
  • sebastianforbes
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    is there anyone who didn't know that this was the situation when they first started studying aat ?!!
  • bjourne
    bjourne Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
    can anyone tell me something bout my prob?

    i'm sorry if you find me a lil bit dumb or more...just want to know if on june exam will they be offering again test for FRA and DFS or i have to wait for next dec2008?.....can somebody clarify my issues..please!
  • Hunnibun
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    AAT do all the same units twice a year so you are able to sit whatever unit you chose, either June or Dec.
    Hopefully you will be fine so it will not even need to be taken again :thumbup1:
  • purplegirl
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    The wair for results has been the same length every sitting for years! I don't understand why people are moaning about this now?
    I had to go through this 7 times!
  • humairakhatri@hotmail.com
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    pass percentage

    i think that the pass percentage is going to increase coz alot of ppl found the exam easy so it may b 70% or above :crying:
  • immense
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    How do you know it will increase?? Some people may have found it easy but others may have not?! No one knows what the pass rate is as they decide when they are marking?!! :huh:
  • angel
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    i think that the pass percentage is going to increase coz alot of ppl found the exam easy so it may b 70% or above :crying:

    How did you come to this conclusion? Are you referring to PCR and PEV?
    I sat these 2 exams a couple of weeks ago and I certainly did not find them easy!
    And looking at the comments others have made, they did not find these exams easy in the slightest!
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