Hello from new forum member

stormdragon Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
Hi! I am a new member. Hope you are all OK.

I am usure if I am actually allowed here as I am not studying with AAT but am interested in accounting matters and thought I would register here.

I am actually a member of the ICM (Institute of Credit Management) as I am a credit controller but like to keep up to date with accounting info.

Greetings anyway :cool2:


  • red_devil
    red_devil Registered Posts: 52 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hello Stormdragon.

    Of course you're welcome. The more the merrier! It's just one long party here on the AAT forum - we're all just such party animals us accountants. Wow your job sounds exciting! Do you spend all day ringing people up asking for money? Do you arrange for the 'heavies' to be sent around when someone doesn't pay? :thumbup:
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