Tax Return?

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Someone asked me for advice.
She works at a school - cleaning for a couple of hours a day.

She is leaving this and going to do cleaning in a private home about 6 hours getting £75 for this.
Plus she gets £20 for 2 hours per week at another small job.
So total earnings of £95 per week.

She needs to know if she will she have to fill in a tax return for this.



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    Hi Yazi - As Bryan has already indicated - she will more than likely have to fill in a tax return unless she is able to arrange her personal allowances in such a way that all her income is covered by personal allowances. Hope this makes sense although I doubt what I have just said could be understood by a resident of pluto let alone a fellow earthling !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yazi
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    Thanks for your replies -

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