Extended Trial Balances!!

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I am new to this and was wandering if somebody could please help me!!

I am doing a unit 5 assignment on trial balances and am really stuck as I missed the first few lessons on this college due to late enrollment and am fogged over with this!! Also, the text book are rubbish!!

Please help?:confused1:


  • Devilishbird
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    Hi Toni,

    What are you stuck on or do you not understand? Is it which side Dr/Cr accounts sit on or is it adjustments that are made to them?
  • steveborner
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    the etb looks a lot more daunting than it actually is.

    start off remembering Dead Clic


    then make sure that you debit and credit accordingly. Remeber P+L is for Income and Expenses and Balance sheet is for Assets and liabilities.

    Hope this helps
  • Richard
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    I found that I started to understand ETB's once I had learnt and understood the layout of the P&L and Balance Sheets.

    Maybe you could look at some P&L and Balance sheets, then go back to ETB.
  • aer87
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    i agree

    yes i agree with richard
    i cudn't grasp ETB's and as soon as we learnt balance sheets and P&L accounts i began 2 blitz the trial balances (even tho they never add up correctly on mine) but i always posted them to right accounts!

    Hows it going now?
  • elly
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    My tutor has always told me best way to deal with etb's is to enter the adjustments then total them before continuing extending, but if when you have completed the etb and it doesn't balance draw up the profit and loss and balance sheet in there vertical formats and you will find your errors. I didn't do this to begin with but in my revision for FRA last week it definetly works. Only wish I'd learnt it for my June 07 exam! still better late than never! Fingers crossed for Feb results!
  • elly
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    P.S we use osborne books at my college and they are pretty straight forward!
  • Gimmicks
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    This is something I need to get better at, I am pretty ok at taking from the normal trial and drawing up the vertical P+L and Balance sheet. But when I do it the ETB method I start going wrong.

    I can put the balances in, add adjustments for prepayments and accrual. Also for depreciation. But then I struggle to take them accross to the P+L and Balance sheet.

    Any tips for that?


  • Gem7321
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    Our tutor taught us RECAL. It's not great but if you can remember it, it works.

    Revenue = credit
    Expenses = debit
    Capital = credit
    Assets = debit
    Liabilities = credit

    The first half (RE) makes up the P&L and the second half (CAL) makes up the balance sheet.

    Hope this helps!
  • StuPed
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    Lol the number of different abreviations to remember the thing always conuses me more! Makes sense by all means and if you can learn one (advisably stick to one!) then do so because it will help.

    I think the point made earlier about looking at a P&L and B/s would be good, just to understand what goes where. Usually helps to decide whether its a credit or not but to be honest after changing methods so many times now ive just learnt it lol. Remember to do what works best for yourself in all, a number of good suggestions before me to work from!

  • lessci
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    I understand what I should be doing in the ETB but when I do them they never seem to match the answers provided!! Can there be more than one correct answer?
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