Overall, Hows everyone done?

So after all the exams are finished, what papers are everyone most confident with, and what do people think they had trouble with?

I took PEV, PCR and DFS. I'm most confident with PEV and DFS, but not more so with PCR as did not know whether to base on output (60,000 units I believe) or turnover, in the end i based the flexed budget on output (60,000 units)

Everyone else?


  • rjww85
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    Thats the correct way to flex a budget, as you are always trying to match the budgeted costs for a certain output of units with the acutal costs incurred for the output.
  • ally29
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    Think I've done ok in PTC, but think I've almost definately failed PCR, missed out contribution in the second section and in section 1, I read it that the 1500 sq m was total materials available, so had two limiting factors!

    Never mind, here's hoping I pass in June - along with DFS, PEV and BTC - oh HELP!!!

  • yellow_harley
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    ally, to be honest, id be shocked if that failed you. i got two limiting factors aswell and as long as you commented on the answers you got then you will get follow through marks. Missing out contribution will definately not fail you the whole section, as long as you got the right variances, so really dont worry if thats all the mistakes you think youve made then im sure youll pass.
    Your exam hasnt got to be perfect!
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