How many mistakes?

yellow_harley Registered Posts: 27 Regular contributor ⭐
Do you think will constitute a fail. I felt pretty confident after my exams but now not as much so for PCR as I did not include contribution.

I also had two limiting factors in section 1, but i thought it was weird that if there was just one limiting factor and you would have to make three points on how to improve just one limiting factor.

How many mistakes does everyone think will constitute a failed exam?


  • Andrewh26
    Andrewh26 Registered Posts: 69 Regular contributor ⭐
    I'm wondering this, having just done PTC. in the second section there were 4 items to deal with, got about 1 and a half right out of that, but then with the wrong figures got the rest right, i think. unsure if it means i pass or fail though!
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