Payment problems

Dear All

I need some ideas.

My Dad is an accountant and for some years now we have had a verbal agreement that I will occassionally do some work for him at £10 per hour. Last night I did 4½ hrs work and he is now saying he will give me just £30 for this work. What should I do?:confused1:




  • blobbyh
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    He sounds like a damn fine accountant to me but tell him you know all about contract law and his verbal agreement was still a legally binding contract since it fulfilled the following requirements;

    1) There was an offer and acceptance
    2) A consideration i.e. £10 per hour
    3) There was an intention to create legal relations

    If he doesn't pay, threaten to take him to court.

    If that still doesn't work, just tell him you won't be getting him any presents for Christmas since Santa won't stop at naughty peoples houses...

    Keep us informed...

  • speegs
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    Oh Blobbyh you do make me laugh. Thank you. :laugh:

    My dad is a very good accountant and a great Dad as well, but having watched a movie at the weekend about Fred Claus, Santas older brother, I have to say that Santa says that there are no naughty children, just misunderstood ones. That means that even if I don't get him a playstation 3, Santa will!.

    But you are right there was a contract, although I don't think it will go down to well threanening court action. I think I'll just send in the bailiffs. :001_tongue:
  • bryan100
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    My daughter is a chartered accountant and does contract work for my old firm but I never managed her work, reviewed it or commented on it, I'm not that brave! Don't mix work and families, forget the money and make your own way.
  • speegs
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    Hi Byran

    You are absolutely right. Only problem is very time I get offered work by someone else my dad manages to grab it from me. It's just not fair or right.

    My dads boss even offered me some work, but hegave the message to my dad and by the time I found out about it, my dad had told his boss I would not want the work. This was rubbish and I was really upset about it.

    I did kind of get my own back on my dad recently though. He advertises in a certain publication, so I decided I would also advertise in the same publication. I also arranged it with the publishers to put my advert right next to his. However, this time I put my mobile number on the ad so that all my calls come straight through to me. He hasn't noticed the advert yet. Ha ha. Busted :001_tt2::lol:
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