Simulations/Work Based Evidence

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I hope someone can help me, I am getting really confused:blushing:

I am doing AAT (distance learning) which is great. However I have heard some people saying that you don't need to do the simulations if you can show workbased evidence to cover the unit, which is fair enough. How does that get marked though, do you have to pay for the unit if you do that.Obviously I have asked my training provider and they have said yes you need to pay for the unit, even if you don't take their simulation (but surely they would say that wouldn't they, apologies I'm a terrible cynic!!) My colleague who did AAT some years ago says she got competence in units signed off by work but she did AAT at college.

Has anyone else done distance and done this, as the portfolio ultimately has to be signed off by the AAT anyway. I am currently funding AAT myself and as I work in an accounts department I can get a lot of evidence to support 3 or 4 of the units, thereby saving myself a tidy sum!!
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