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Hi Everyone

Just sat my intermediate exams and fingers crossed if I have passed those I can move onto Technician - I studied intermediate using distance learning as it suited me better at the time - So my question is - Do I continue with the distance learning into Technician or should I do the P/T college course?

What do you think?

Plus can anyone give me the lowdown on exactly what I need to do at Technician level to complete it - Have done 3 skills tests this year plus H & S & Working with computers plus two exams (for intermediate) and coped with all that - Just about ! (Started at Intermediate level due to experience!)

Anyway what do you reckon?:001_unsure::001_unsure:


  • KateCM
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    As I understand it, for Technician, you've gotta do 6 modules. (You have some choice, although some are compulsory).

    I did:
    PEV, PCR & Implementing Audit Procedures
    Business Tax, Personal Tax, Drafting Financial Statements and MAS project.

    (I know that's 7, but I wanted the extra one as I want to go on and do my ACA)

    I did PEV, PCR & Audit by going to workshop classes & revision classes (about 9 days tuition roughly)

    Both tax modules, and DFS I did through distance learning.

    Its really up to you whether to do it through a college, or distance learning (I know that's really unhelpful), but all I would say is, if you do do it distance learning, the technician exams ARE HARDER than intermediate, so START EARLY. Work your way through the textbooks early, so at the revision stage, you can work through the revision books and feel confident in what you're doing.

    Oh, PEV, PCR, BTC, PTC, and DFS are all exam only subjects I think. Audit is work based evidence or a simulation, and MAS project is obviously a big report!! :)

    Hope this helps (and is correct - it's from my memory!)

  • purplegirl
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    MAS project, PEV, PCR and DFS are compulsory. You then have a choice of 2 out of PTC, BTC, Auditing and CMCC.
    I went the college route and completed Technician in 1 and a half years.
  • Panda
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    Hi There

    I noticed you had said you started at the intermediate course, do you feel asthough you coped with it.

    I am currently working in an accounts environment so have went straight into intermediate course but im abit scared i have bitten off more than i can chew.

    I have just recieved the books and started to read the first chapter got to the questions and didn't get one right which scared me even more :001_unsure:.

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