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A client of mine ceased employment last year and set up his own small Ltd Company, which I am acting for, but he has also given me his P60s and P11Ds for the past 5 years or so, as he thought there was something wrong with the amount he was being taxed for his company car. I've checked them and yes, he's been taxed on an emissions figure of 160g/km with type D fuel, when it should have been 140g/kg type L fuel.
I've not worked out the exact amout of tax overpaid as a result, but he had the same car since the introduction of the 'new rules' (2003/04?) so I imagine it's going to add up to a fair amount.
Does anyone know how I go about reclaiming this tax? I know that my client tried getting his ex-employer to amend the P11D when he suspected something was wrong, but they don't seem willing to comply. I've got a copy of the vehicle reg document here and various other paperwork for the car - do you think I can just write a letter to HMRC explaining the situation and enclosing evidence? or should I complete an R40? (I don't think there's enough space on an R40 to explain the problem though). He's never had to complete tax returns.
Any ideas?


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    Ring the HMRC helpline - they are very good and give you a reference number if there are any discrepancies at a later date:001_tt2:
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    Your client will need to write to HMRC explaining why he thinks the P11D's are wrong and submit supporting evidence to prove this is the case. They will then arrange any return of tax due through reduction in tax liability or refund.
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