Setting up in Bristol & some advice please...

James F
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I've been searching through a lot of the forums relating to setting up as a self employed book keeper, there is some useful info there. I'm keen to get more experience as I have been working in industry for my working life, I'm now doing some sub contract work for a firm of accountants which is useful but I'm still hungry for more.

Is there anyone whose is a MIB who I can help out? I'm also keen to get to know someone how could be my professional cover and visa versa if there is anyone in the Bristol area?

Should I also be registered as MIB as not only am I working for Ltd co full time (management accounts), I am also self employed working as a book keeper a few hours a week?

Many thanks

James :thumbup1:


  • monica
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    Hi, just thought I'd offer my services as professional cover, as long as you don't feel I'm too far away. I'm based in Mitcheldean, Glos, not far if you go over the Severn Bridge. I've been FMAAT since 2005, and have been self-employed since April 2006 (working on a part-time basis around my 2 year old).
  • James F
    James F Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Monica, that'd be great. I am literally just starting out, I currently have a full time job but want to branch out into working for myself.
    Do you have any advice you could give me, anything that you wish you'd known at the time. I'm a little concerned with my lack of practice experience as I have been in industry so long, and getting business seems to be hard.

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