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Hi all,
I'm studying the AAT course at foundation level but my two questions are not directly related to the course.

I am the new Treasurer of a growing church plant with a current annual income of £40,000 to £50,000. We do not own any property.
We are not yet required to be registered with the Charity Commission; instead we have "registered charity" status through our membership with the Baptist Union of Wales.

[1] Now at year's end I will have to write a financial report for 2007.
Is there any legally prescribed format for such a report at our level of income and where could I find the relevant information?

[2] So far we have only used an analysed bank account (Excel spreadsheet), not a full set of double-entry accounts.
Is there a threshold beyond which we will have to use double-entry?

Many thanks in advance.
Mrs Evelin Roshel


  • nena
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    church accounts

    hi Evelin,

    i have some friends who i can ask about church accounts,
    i'll be seeing them over new year, if you fwd your email address via a pm
    i'll get them to contact you direct.

  • Evelin
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    Hi Nena,
    my email address is displayed as my user name:

    Thanks for your efforts.
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    It is worth having a look at the Charities Commission website as they have all sorts of proformas and examples. Even if you don't have to do it yet - you might as well get into practice.

    If you are covered by the registered charity status through your membership, presumably someone has to submit accounts to the Charities Commission, which will consolidate your accounts so you may be saving them a translation job by using the same format that they are going to have to.
  • Evelin
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    thanks for your comment. I have contacted the Charity Commission and they have sent me some relevant info.
    Thanks again
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