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Hi, not sure if anyone else if having this problem, or if I've just been unlucky so far. I needed to contact HMRC about an existing client for whom a 64-8 had been lodged months ago, and whom I have spoken with the HMRC about previously. After 4 seperate attempts today I was advised that I did not pass security. I explained my frustration, as I had even phoned the client after one of the calls to obtain his current employment details, but this was to no avail. They simply said that due to data protection blah blah blah. While I am well aware of the imporatance of security measures, it seems that the 64-8 is now worthless, as they are asking sundry questions (and not always the same ones). I just hope I don't have to go through this everytime I want to check something. When I write it takes over 6 weeks to get a respnse, so that option is no good at this time of the year. Sorry, whinge over, but it would good to know if anyone else is experienceing the same problem.



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    Yep, I get it all the time.

    If I'm feeling argumentative I ask to speak to a line manager which usually gets a result. More often I will just hang up and hit redial and get the answer I need from the next call centre gimp to pick up!
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    I have had problems with the 64-8s. I had a couple of clients, who had been clients for many years, who seem to have disappeared from their system this year. I had to re-submit, but it did get sorted quickly.
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    I have various clients who seem to come and go when I go to HMRC online :confused1::confused1::confused1:

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