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I am currently studying AAT Technician and my husband, who is self employed, paid for my course so I could do his accounts for him.

Can I use my training fees as a expense when completeing his tax return?

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • NeilH
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    Since the expense of your course fees weren't incurred as a result of your husbands trade, he would be unable to consider them as tax deductable. That is unless you are an employee of your husbands business?

  • peugeot
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    The revenue are quite strict on course fees. Unfortunately, in your husband's case they would not be tax allowable at all because they are not incidental to your husband's trade (as NeilH has pointed out).

    Course fees incurred which develop new skills are also not allowable. Course fees which update existing skills - such as the costs to an accountant for going on CPD courses - are allowable.

    Kind regards
  • ally
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    Thanks to you both for advice.
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