NVQ to Diploma?

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Hi. I completed my Intermediate last june, but since then i've been temping, and haven't been able to move onto Technician. I'm unemployed now, but really want to get moving with it again - i've read somewhere that i can get funding for it so long as its only parttime, but will that mean that i'll also have to do diploma now becuase i'm not working (though hopefully i'll get something else very soon).? I didn't think you could change between them.
I might also think about doing it distance, because the college is a drive away, and i reckon it will be easier (and save petrol money) to do it at home. I did intermediate at college. Has anyone done Diploma d/l - who did you use, and how did you find it?

I really want to finish AAT now, and either get a good job again, or go down the self-employed route.

Any and all advice you can give me is great, thanks!

Oh, and Happy New Year to all!!


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    As far as im aware you can still undertake the NVQ route without working in accounts, though you may have more trouble providing the evidence require. You can change between NVQ and Diploma routes and since you are not transfering over whilst partway through a stage it is quite straghtforward - you just take the Diploma instead of the NVQ technician stage! There is funding available in certain circumstances, but there are criteria to meet. I've not seen funding available for distance learning though.

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