Project topic

How do you pick your Project topic?

I know you can choose to base it on your workplace, but is there some case studies you could do instead? If so, how do you get these?


  • aatfree
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    Your tutor should be able to provide you with a copy of the available case studies.
  • phunkyphantom22
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    I am a home study student and don't have a tutor - do I contact my tuition provider?
  • SandyHood
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    You can, but try to find a way of basing it on work instead if you can.

    When students I've taught have tried the AAT simulations they have been difficult. For instance, if something is ambiguous at work you can seek clarification. A written simulation has no one for such additional information.

    Also you can really make an improvement to your workplace if you do a real one.
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  • EvaG
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    Hi PP22

    What sort of things do you do at work?
  • phunkyphantom22
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    I work in an accountancy related role - balance sheet recs, bank recs, analysis of costs, variance analysis, accruals etc etc etc - so sure I will be able to find something.

    It's just I work for a large company and thought it might be clearer to follow one of the case studies as I am not sure which dept/s to focus on.....
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