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I am currently setting up my own bookkeeping business in Leeds and wouldn't mind some advice from someone who has done the same.

I am at the very early stages but need to get my practicing certificate from the AAT but need someone to act as my professional cover. If there is anyone in or around the Leeds area willing to do this it would be much appreciated and I could also return the favour if needed.

I have worked in accounts for 13 years currently a financial controller of a small financial advisors.



  • msf
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    Hi, im based in leeds and am already MIP, if you are still wanting a professional cover please email me at and i will be happy to do that.

    I started self-employment by doing short-term temporary contracts through recruitment agencies, this allowed me the cashflow needed to survive, as i had no clients of my own. The flexibility allowed me to looking for clients and evenings and weekend i spent doing bookkeeping...getting the first clients is always a big hurdle and then its just word of mouth.

    good look with your setup.

  • otsua
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    Does anyone need help with book keeping in the Luton area. Please contact me. Thanks M
    anaf for your advice. It is a matter of taking that brave step.
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