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Anyone here have any experience with Quickbooks? I do accounts for a small charity (aside from my day job!) and we use a very old 1999 version and need to upgrade for various reasons. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of how easy it is to upgrade, and if anyone uses it with more than one user (who are geographically far apart)? I have phoned their helpline but it was limited help - they are more interested in the hard sell than in specific questions.


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    Hi dante,

    They don't usually go in for a hard sell approach (possibly someone trying to get their targets :laugh:)
    Anyway back to your question, yes it is very easy to upgrade to a newer version, all they do is send out the version you need on CD and you install it from there. As for multi-user again aslong as you both have the same version and both pc's can see the destination file of the company records then it shouldn't be a problem. I presume this is done on a server? if you give them a call again and ask to speak to the Sales team and tell them you only want advce at the min re: which software version is correct for you, they should help.

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks, did manage to speak to someone else who was more helpful - and actually admitted there was an option to buy outright rather than monthly payments. It seems we have to have 2 CDs, the first to upgrade to 2006 and then to 2008, but that should be okay. I really wanted comments from elsewhere as well that it is possible to do this, so that's helpful, thank you.
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    I have upgraded from old Quickbooks on many occasions with no problems.
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    its the shi@est prog out there, u can post journals
    without them balancing :thumbdown:

    better doing on manual books :lol:
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