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Jenny Chamberlain
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Please could somebody help me, I am having difficulty agreeing my final salary with an employer I left at the end of November.

I was on £24,000 when I left on the 30th November, my annual leave year runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec and I had taken an extra 4 days annual leave which was agreed I could take unpaid. I then have NI, tax and student loan deductions.

It is really important that this is correct as I have to refund them for my college fees and they up until now were unable to do this, I provided a rough figure from my calculations but it has all never been confirmed and to date have not received my P45.

If anybody can give me some guidance I would be grateful, I am due to repay the remainder of the money back to them in 10 days and haven't got the time to write to the Inaland Revenue and wait for a response.

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