Which units to do?

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I made a post about this in the old forum but can't find it now. There was a delay in me starting the Technician stage and I will now be starting soon. But I can't find the old thread to see which units I decided on!

So I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what the best or easiest ones are? I think I am right in saying you have to choose 4? Hopefully your suggestions will jog my memory and I can remember what I had decided to do lol.




  • Elena
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    The compulsory units are unit 11 (finance) 8 (PEV) 9 (PCR) and also the project (unit 10).

    You then have the option of going for

    Cash management and credit control
    Personal Tax
    Business Tax

    I did cash management and business tax. Business tax was quite hard and would probably have been better if I had taken Personal tax prior to doing that. Auditing and cash management are both simulations whereas the taxes are exams.

    If you are going to go on to study after AAT, it might well be worth taking a tax option. A lot of my class took Auditing and Cash Management and that was thought to be the easier option, however since I didnt do auditing,I cant really say. But I hope this helps.

    All the best,
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    I have just completed Personal Tax and am about to start Business Tax - the reason being that Tax knowledge is useful no matter whatever your futuyre plans are - mine is Cima. I did not fancy Auditing due to the amount of writing not calculating & for some strange reason thought tax would be more interesting !!!

    Good Luck
  • sebastianforbes
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    i'm a distance learner on the diploma route...

    how weird that the cmcc should be compulsory for me in year 2, but not for nvq ?!?!?!

    i've chosen business taxation and auditing because it follows my future choice of employment.

    of course, i also appreciate the reduction in exam stress, as well as the convenience of sitting a simulation at my convenience :tongue_smilie:
  • mi|kshake
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    Thanks! I remember now that I was definately going to go for Cash management and credit control & I think I will discuss the other options with my training manager. Tax sounds a little daunting, but check out what would work better for me.

    Thanks again!

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