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So - I'm an evening student and I need to choose between PTC or BTC.

I've had it dropped on me that my college (Bristol) does not do either as an evening course, and they do both as day release (but not together - so I either have to do PTC now for June exam or wait until Dec to do BTC).

This is really annoying as I think I want to do BTC - the logic that I want to work in practice and presume I will have need to have more knowledge of business finance than personal.

So, my options are to do PTC at Bristol now, do BTC at Bristol in Dec (but this will be very annoying as I'm hoping to be finished everything else in June!) or to do BTC at Reading on 4 consecutive study days in April.

I'm just thinking that the 160 mile round trip each day coupled with study and studying for MAC at the same time is going to exhaust me!

And then I can't make the revision days as I'm on hols so have to rely on past papers....!!



  • NeilH
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    Have you considered doing by distance learning, or trying one of the other colleges in Bristol?

  • mfernott
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    I thought about it, but I've done everything else at one college, and paid for the entire Technician stage so am determined to get my money's worth :laugh:

    I don't mind doing the travelling as I get reimbursed for my expenses and run a very economical car so will make about £100 in reclaimed travel expenses, and I really would rather do business tax...
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    PTC or BTC

    My college in Nottingham only does PTC but I wanted to do BTC as well as some bodies offer exemptions for both, if you choose to go on to further study. Like you I'm an evening student and I paid full fee for the whole stage but chose to pay £99 extra for a distance learning course last term and took the BTC in December 07.

    My distance learning pack including osborne textbook and extra answers, and tutor on the end of the phone or e-mail when needed. To be honest I never used the tutor and was helped out by my PTC tutor at college a couple of times. The problem I found with distance learning is that, unlike in a classroom, there's no one to tell you which topics to concentrate on, so I had to know the whole syllabus inside out just in case something archane came up in the exam. I think I did alright but will know for sure in February.

    My suggestion is buy the book, study at home, ask your college tutor if you get stuck - after all you are paying for their advice, and if they're teaching you PTC, answering a couple of BTC questions shouldn't be a problem. Be prepared to get stuck in though, there's a lot to learn. Hope this helps.
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