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My client has ceased trading and acounts need preparing from 1/11/05 to cessation 24/1/07, how can i do this on sage as anything beyond 31/10/06 it puts into future periods?

any advice would be very much i know this is a busy period for all.



  • Jan
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    As you have found Sage is date sensitive and so it is not possible as far as I am aware to prepare accounts from Sage for periods longer than a year. All I can suggest is that you use the nominal activity for the last months - then use ETB to get final figures.

    When I worked in a practice they never used Sage to produce actual accounts - only for the bookkeeping. Adjustments were then made and posted into an accounts prep package. Is this the norm or do most use Sage for everything?

  • msf
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    Jan, thanks for reply..... ur right, i myself only use sage for bookkeeping and then take the tb to accounts production package (VT)... i checked sage and if i print the complete tb option on sage it includes the future transaction (not done this before as i only print tb to year end date), this solves my worries.....its friday like to put me feet up, if only.
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    Extned Sage Financial Year

    There is a section on extending the year end in the Sage help. It's quite long winded, but the gist of it is as follows

    Run a TB for the first part of the period, in the case, up to 31/10/06

    Run the year end in Sage.

    Reverse all the year end P&L postings in a journal dated 1/11/06

    This means you will have all the figures for the full 15 months in the right nominal accounts.

    The Sage help section is geared towards user wanting to change the year end date, so it included step be step help to make those changes, but in this case I don't think that is relevant.

    Hope this helps.
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