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I have been a user of this site for three years up until the end of the summer last year. I dont recognise any of you, but I hope you dont mind me piping up with a question regarding software.

I currently work in the construction industry as an assistant accountant, and I have recently been involved with sourcing a new software package that incorporates the CIS changes of last year. At the moment the system in place is a complicated web of cash flow, CIS, culmulative application spreadsheets, brought into SAGE at payment date which isnt ideal to say the least.

We have looked at a few options, and the most impressive option seems to be the Exchequer Enterprise software. Does anyone in the industry have any experience of this software, and can you give any input, or opinions on how you find it works for your business, as obviously this development is a time consuming and expensive venture, so any knowledge you can share would be appreciated!!




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    Enterprise software

    Hi. I am an AAT Techician student and the support manager for a software company which does Pegasus and Exchequer. Of these two the CIS is superior in Exchequer however they both achieve the same thing. What should influence you is what Exchqeuer would bring to the rest of the company apart from CIS. ie the finacials, SOP, stock and spread sheet intergration so its the bigger picture. If you only want CIS in isolation they are all pretty well the same although I would say they can achieve everything inside their own systems so the complicated or convaluted methods you are using would not be required.
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