Self Assessment Statements December 2007

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HMRC have become aware that some statements due to be sent to customers in December 2007 have not been issued and are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and your clients. The records of affected customers have been identified and HMRC expect the relevant statements to be issued within the next 10 days in time for customers to make payment by 31 January 2008. In the meantime affected customers who wish to make a payment before the statement is received should note the following:

* If an SA309 reminder was issued in December 2007 customers should use the payslip attached to the reminder if payment is due.
* The up to date tax position can be seen using the online service SA View L&P where customers have already registered to use the SA online service.
* HMRC recommend payment by BillPay (Debit Card over the Internet).
* Customers can also use their bank's internet or telephone banking service to make a BACS payment. Further information on how to pay/telephone banking is available at
* Payslips held from previous statements issued within the last 12 months can be used if necessary.
Customers who are unable to use the above options and still require a payslip should telephone the appropriate Contact Centre who will deal with the request and advise the customer of the amount to be paid by 31 January 2008. Individual SA customers can find the number of the appropriate Contact Centre here Details of priority lines for agents can be found here

Thought this might be helpful to some over here. :)




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    Because of this, I have already sent tax reminder letters out to my clients - to try and pre-empt them calling me instead of HMRC - my phone is not engaged as often as theirs!!!!!

    Having said that, I have still got really quite a lot of tax returns to do before the 31..........

    Back to the grindstone.

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