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I have a couple of clients who run a partnership. They presented me with a whole load of receipts and some invoices before Christmas, as well as a spreadsheet summary, with very strange categories. I sorted through as best I could and created new spreadsheets. Now one of the partners wants to know exactly how the categories were changed, where each item was placed instead of the column he had used, how each figure was calculated, which receipts were disallowed and why? etc etc. It goes on and on. I have explained my procedures over and over and explained that I worked from the spreadsheets and the receipts and did not keep a record of every item moved from column to column. He has his original spreadsheets, which are obviously not the same as my new ones, which I have emailed to him, but he still wants more. I have suggested that he looks through all the receipts and invoices he gave me again and then let me know what figures he wants me to use. What more should I be doing? Haven't I done enough? Sympathy and advice appreciated. :crying:


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    A whole load of sympathy on a plate to you :ohmy:
    Don't think you could possibly do any more then what you have already done other then ditch your 'pain in the proverbial' client :thumbup1:
    I also usually amend my clients spreadsheets to the way I work unless I have already provided them with one of mine.
    Hopefully he will go through his receipts etc as you suggested and you'll have no more trouble.
    Maybe, for next time (if there is a next time) suggest that he uses your format to save his time and yours in future.
    Sorry can't really suggest anything though, only sympathise!!

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