VAT Registration Delay

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I have a new client who applied for VAT registration in May 2007. He chased it several times and now I have taken over. A very nice man at the VAT Registration Office, group RT1 (whoever they are), informs me that it is still out for external checking. Has anyone heard of this before or does it sound like an excuse?:glare:


  • Dean
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    Does seem like a long delay, although it's not un-heard of! Is your client 'high-risk'? i.e. within the consumer electronics trade? That could be a reason.


  • T.C.
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    He sells inkjet cartridges on a very small scale, some over the internet and some on a market stall. Very low turnover!
  • claudialowe
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    Anything remotely approaching computers is defined as high risk.

    I had the same sort of thing with a small shop that sells computers and the like. The VAT office wanted all manner of meaningless rubbish, including a copy of the lease. At that point I phoned and asked if they really wanted all 58 pages of it - thankfully they agreed that only the first couple of pages with pertinent info was required.

    This is all on the back of carousel fraud.

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