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lgarsidelgarside Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 122
Hi everyone I'm doing my project on automating the expenses procedure at work. I'm really stuck on the SWOT analysis part, which part of the project it goes into (the main body or the appendix) and what it actually involves.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



  • GianniGianni Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    The SWOT analysis goes in the analysis of the current system section. It's used to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the current system.

    Strengths - outline the positive parts of the system
    Weaknesses - this the area you will be concentrating on correcting
    Opportunities - further areas for you to correct, external conditions
    Threats - external threats such as fraud implications

    You have to remember that a SWOT analysis is a kind of strategic planning tool and it's ultimate aim is to help you achieve an objective. In your case being to automate the expenses procedure.
  • lgarsidelgarside Well-Known Registered Posts: 122

    Thanks for your help, do I have to do this as a grid or can I just have seperate headings; strengths, weaknesses etc?
  • GianniGianni Feels At Home Registered Posts: 99
    I did mine under seperate headings. But I guess you can do either, whatever looks better. I found with a grid, I was restricted with the text as typing any more than 2 lines looked ridiculous (per point basis). Not to mention formatting a grid in word is a bit of a nightmare.

    Good luck with your project, you'll have it done in no time!
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