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I have got the slip from the AAT with my MIP certificate about the block Yellow Pages adverts. I have considered using this before, as i am looking to start increasing my client portfolio, but wondered if anyone else found them an effective form of advertising or not? Also, how much does it cost, as i don't really want to spend a lot if i won't see the return.

Many thanks


  • CJW
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    You can create a free advert/listing at Although your listing does not appear at the top of the page, but then again even of you paid for an advert this would not guarantee a top spot. The free ad is online instantly and apparently is inserted into the next edition available for print. (I have yet to see this. but I am sure it will)

    I did this to keep startup costs to a minimum and to test the water.

    Also something else to think about, is, check the number of accountants already listed, before you committ.

    I had a call from a few weeks back and instructed that I had to be moved from the 'Accountant's' section as I was not certified or chartered. I am now under 'Accountancy & Bookkeeping'. Make of it what you will. Anyone else experienced this?

    Hope this helps.

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    I think I am still listed under the free linage, but I have never had a call via Yell and am not sure whether I would want to. Most my clients have come via word of mouth.
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    I've found YP only brings in a handful of clients pa, adwords has been better for us. If you really want to build quickly though i'd suggest an accountancy marketing firm although they do come in a different budget to YP and adwords.
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