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Cash Management and Credit Control Help!!

xSamxxSamx New MemberRegistered Posts: 6
Ive got my skills test for this in two weeks and have been going through my workbook and now have got stuck at the simulations because i need the answers to make sure im doing it right!!

This is for Sleepy Hollow Ltd, Heski Components and Lucent Limited.

Is there anyway i can get these?

Thanks for any help!!


  • sebastianforbessebastianforbes Well-Known Registered Posts: 172
    the answer sheet (model answers) will contain far more information than can be reasonably expected from you in a simulation.

    also, there are NO perfect answers !

    best advice i can give you is to provide your best suggestions... supported by your best evidence.

    show the examiner that you know what you're talking about (even if it happens to be the wrong option). otherwise, it may seem like you're just having a shot in the dark.

    this particular unit was the only one that i finished early (with 1.5 hours spare). i assumed that i must have missed out too much or given incomplete answers... but i had used up all the paper and even requested additional paper !

    finally, have some faith in yourself.

    good luck !
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