Tax return manual submissions


Is it possible to take your tax return with a tax payment attached by way of a cheque into your local tax office rather than post to the HM Revenue and Customs office printed on you tax return. Obviously by or on the 31st to avoid the penalty and interest.

For example taking into Brighton as opposed to sending to the Sussex Area office in Glasgow?

Good old Royal Mail is not what it used to be I'm afraid



  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Registered Posts: 1,809
    Taking the tax return to your local office is no problem whatsoever, although many tax offices will now no longer give you a receipt to confirm submission on that day - depends how big the queue is!

    Some tax offices are now refusing to accept cheques as they should either be sent to Shipley or taken to a bank with the giro slip. I would suggest calling up your local office and checking their procedure and opening hours on the day.
  • Dean
    Dean Registered Posts: 646
    If you have no UTR and you file a paper return, how does the payment tie in? The return goes one way and the payment goes the other..... presumably you would put the national insurance number on the back of the cheque and it would find its way?


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