Please help an overtired dumb blonde!

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Hi guys

Brain has finally gone to mush and can't think straight.

Husband and wife partnership rent out two properties. On the partnership tax return do I complete the land and property pages or the trade and profession pages? :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:

Still got 8 returns to complete, and loads out for signing at the moment, or waiting for important stuff like UTRs to be sent by my dearest friends at HMRC.

Oh well only another 8 days 9 hours and 45 minutes until its all over!!



  • Poodle
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    I do not complete a partnership tax return for this I add information for the letting business as a whole to the the land and property schedule attached to both the husband and wifes SA100.

    I make a separate computation of the lot split 50/50 (if that is the portion and then tick box 5.46 to indicate that the property is owned jointly.

    I also enter the other partners name and tax details in the white box.

    Bets of luck and I hope that you get all of your work finished and filed!

  • claudialowe
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    Thanks for that - actually problem solved that last year the income was on the property bit of s-assessment return and not on the partnership - so let sleeping dogs lie!!!

    Tiredness is seriously kicking in now, with the result that I cannot think straight over the tiniest little thing any more :confused1:

  • Julia Crouch
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    Just emailed off my last guaranteed to be completed for 31st Jan submission return!!:thumbup:

    Now for, some 31th Jan VAT returns, PAYE and the no guarantee self assesment bunch that will go in in February

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