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vnbjoooo Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
I am struggling for an idea for my project! I currently work in Internal Audit, and as part of my role i look at systems and do tests on them then write a report at the end stating my findings recommendations, system outline?? And the problem I am finding with my report is that I think i would find it hard to suggest any 'new' recommendations!!
Does any1 know if it would be ok to perhaps base my project around one of my previous audit reports done in the last year (ie the most recent one?)



  • karenv
    karenv Registered Posts: 114 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    That sounds ok to me.
    I based mine on the introduction of a compterised system that I had already implemented. As long as the work is recent I believe its ok.
  • Nich
    Nich Registered Posts: 49 Regular contributor ⭐
    Mine was also based on a system which had already been inplemented. As long as you were involved in the change and have evidence to back it up, it should be fine
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