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I got my IAP book some while back when I first enrolled. Circumstances meant I could not study it until now. I rang my tutors summer 2007 concerned that the FTC book I had was out of date (2004) with the new IASs. However they reassured me not much had changed and they would back me up if it had. Since then I studied the whole book and then complained to the tutors recently that I preferred osbourne books and why weren't they using them.

I now find out they are for new students. Plus it is not just the reference to IASs but the switch to the new ISA and emphasis on risks and fraud. I have the osbourne book now and are totally irrate that they let me carry on with an out of date book. I know that I was delayed finishing it due to illness but surely they have a duty to update me particularly when I asked last summer. I will not name names as I need there help to finish but I am very close to lodging a complaint with the AAT. Plus they are extremely slow to mark work making it hard to get on quickly. The general subject of auditing has not changed but if I hadn't enquired and bought the osbourne book and read items on this website I would be none the wiser.

Sorry I really needed to vent my spleen!!


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    That is disgusting. I appreciate that tutors have many classes and students but you would think that they could manage to give you clear and up to date information.

    You paid your fees like everyone else and are working hard to get up to date, I get so angry :mad2: hearing when people are put at a disadvantage by their course provider. Been there and done that as they say.

    I didnt lodge a complaint but it was frustrating as they were happily carrying on oblivious and I had to work my arse off to catch up, as it is I postponed exams until June so that was a welcome breather.

    Hope you are better after the illness and that you catch up and get all the help and info that you need. :thumbup:

    AAT would probably be glad of all feedback about their providers.
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    Thanks for your support it let off some stress just to hear a friendly word. I will see how things go but its definetly in my back pocket for future reference if needs be. I might just write a letter to the provider when I am done and suggest to them that they could put a system in place to update all other students not just new ones as it really upset me :crying:

    I'm getting there I think with it hopefully. :thumbup1:
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