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Hi All

Being the generous soul I am :laugh: I'm thinking of doing some volunteer work (book-keeping) to gain some valuable experience whilst I embark on the Technician stage of AAT.

Does anyone have any recommendations about the kind of organisations to target? Schools? Scout Groups? Charities?

Any help appreciated!

Martin :thumbup:


  • EvaG
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    Hi Martin

    I would recommend places like pre-schools(nurseries) - they can also be classed as charities (but they are a small concern). If you go into big charities you need to have charity knowledge. Schools do not tend to look for volunteer book-keepers as they are expected to employ the people who do the accounts.

    Best of luck with your venture
  • Jan
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    Good idea Martin

    Agree with Eva about pre-schools - it's where I started, although they were called play groups then! Schools have their own finance managers now (used to be the school secretary).
    Any local "club" would be glad of some bookkeeping help be it sports, scouts Guides or Brownies or whatever. It is often a bit scary for people who know nothing about finance (except their own) to keep even simple records. I used to be treasurer of our local church and was told by one of the committee that they could never do what I did! She was a social worker - I replied I could never do her job either!!!
    You could even ask your local church if they want a bookkeeper - they will probably think it is manna from heaven :laugh:. Sorry about the pun! Although as they are unregistered charities you may need to do some reading up on the regs.(C of E anyway)

    Good luck and well done for volunteering! Which I always think is a two way process anyway - you get some experience, they get some help.
  • hunter
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    I volunteered to do payroll for a pre-school in my area through doit.org, I am sure this will be a good place for you to start looking. There are lots of opportunities for volunteering in all areas.

    Good luck
  • taskey
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    i too have volunteered to become the treasurer for my daughters scout group. the accounts that were kept were a cash tin and a bank card. so it is great to be given to opportunity to put into practise what i know, and also set up spme procedures for them to follow.
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