HI, newbie here, help plz on becoming full member

CHUNKYMONKEY Registered Posts: 29 Regular contributor ⭐
I finally got this thing to let me post lol, helps if you register properly lol
I've been reading posts for ages and find it a really good site.
I have one question really,
I'm considering becoming a full member,
so would like your opinions please
Is it worth it?
also on the form ,it needs evidence of past work,
I do small book-keeping and accounts jobs from home, I dont know a qualified accountant.
Would I need to show my work to an accountant? would they charge me?doesn't this cross client confidentiality rules?
I'm a bit unsure as to whats needed here,
I do have a professional reference though.
Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks


  • sheelagh
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    Here are some things that AAT can help you with if you become a full member
    - PI Cover
    - CPD
    - Regulation under the Money laundering rules
    -The help and support of a highly regarded professional body and it's members.

    You must have the first three, and it's hard to manage without the fourth.

    I'm not sure about evidence of past work - I don't remember that question on my application - try asking the AAT membership team to explain what they are looking for.
  • deanshepherd
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    I think chunkymunky means just becoming a normal member rather than an MIP.

    In which case you need to provide evidence of your experience before you can become a member. If you have not been an employee for a period of 12 months since you registered as a student then you are going to struggle.

    You need to have your work independently verified by a qualified accountant (an AAT-licensed member in practice or a member of one of the chartered or certified accountancy bodies) and they will need to confirm your experience for a period of 12 months.

    If you are admitted to membership then you will then have to apply for MIP status in order to continue your self-employed work using the criteria listed by Sheelagh.
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