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hi, im thinking about becoming a full member and/or mip, just wondering if anyone has any advice. ie. is it worth it, i have done book-keeping for some time but am having trouble with the membership form as it asks for an accountant to verify your work. I dont know any lol
how do i go about this please?
any help would be gratefully accepted.
i have a fmaat as a reference.


  • Dean
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    i have a fmaat as a reference.

    Why can't they verify your work? :huh:


    CHUNKYMONKEY Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    hi, sorry just reading old post and found some i couldnt reply to at time, due to tech probs.
    ref was not member of aca etc so couldnt sign off for aat letters. i have now got verified and just become a full member yeyy! finally i can use my letters after name. Now, im not sure i should have done cos i have to do paperwork again to be a MIP.
    Does anyone know what the charges are per year for being a member in practice? sounds like it may be quite costly having these letters lol
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    Congratulations on becoming a full member. Cheap it ain't - it costs me around £300 for the year - which includes the new £80 supervision fee for money laundering. (More totally unneccessary, expensive and inefective legislation introduced by government).

    However, the benefits are well worth it. Having letters after your name gives clients the confidence you are properly qualified. It also helps in getting work to show you belong to a professional accounting body. Lots of other benefits too, and although few are free, charges compare favourably with other professional organisations.

    Also make use of your local branch meetings - they are free and often helpful in keeping your knowledge up to date, as well as being able to talk to others with similar problems as yours.
    CHUNKYMONKEY Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    just looking at form for members in practice now.
    the fees say £85 for earnings over £5000, or £35, for less than £5000
    does this include the money laundering fee??

    also if i become MIP does that mean I dont have to register with HMRC for money laundering? as this is to be done by end of this month according to my tax returns info
    BIG WAL Well-Known Registered Posts: 133
    If you are an MIP you can register so that you are supervised by the AAT for Money Laundering regulations. This means you do not have to register with HMRC as well , as the AAT is a recognised supervisory body.

    The £80 would be in addition to whatever your membership fee is, but you can e-mail or phone AAT to find out exactly what your financial commitment will be. I'm sure you will find them very helpful.
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