what did u do today??

I'm catching up on the busienss accounts today as the first vat return is due soon (new business, butchers in Wirral)
also trying to catch up on uni work
Short on book-keeping clients at the moment, was expecting to be busier this time of year-my apologies for anyone who's snowed under lol
I just hope I dont get a rush in march cos I have lots of coursework due in then lol
What's everyone else been up to today?


  • Poodle
    Poodle Registered Posts: 711
    Incorporated two companies, filed some tax returns and one VAT return, saw two clients, posted some items onto this forum and finished off the working day uploading a data base ready for tomorrow,

    Quite busy really:thumbup:


    PS then I cooked tea, cleaned up and I have just got back from a nice long walk with the dog
  • Dean
    Dean Registered Posts: 646
    Poodle wrote: »
    just got back from a nice long walk with the dog

    Which explains the forum name? We had one of them many moons ago - lovely dogs! In fact we had such a soft spot for them we are now on our second 'big brother' of theirs, the greyhound. We started taking in the retired ones. :001_smile: She is sooo quiet you wouldn't even know she was there - compare that to our other dog, a tiny little jackrussel! Enough said!


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