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Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else did Intrastat Reporting? I have been doing it for a couple of years now and had a call today from the powers that be requesting to come in for an inspection. I am not sure if she is coming to check who we are trading with etc or to investigate the coding.... thats the bit I am worried about, as the company trades in all meats and the codes are unbelievably complicated!! It may be that the codes may not be 100% accurate, due to the complicity of it all!
Anyone else had a visit? If so, would love to hear your thoughts! :confused1:


  • Sevren
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    Hi - I am a renowned pessimist so dont panic, but it may be that you have triggered a visit because there is a discrepency between your intrastat returns and your VAT return (or equivelant returns by your suppliers.)

    Not much you can do about the latter but it would be worth checking your VAT returns to ensure that the amount that you are importing is the same has the Intrastat return. Differences should only occur where there are services rather than commodities.

    Good luck !
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