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My Name is Paul Scoplin. I have been MAAT for 10 years, working in industry and commerce.

I am looking to go self-employed as a Member In Practice and as you are aware, Professional Cover is required by the AAT.

I would like to add that my business will be quite small initially (part-time until income allows the full migration) and I have an excellent health record.

Please consider being my professional cover and I would of course be happy to reciprocate.

Best regards

Paul Scoplin MAAT


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    Professional Cover - Nottingham

    I'm also considering becoming self-employed as a Member In Practice and am looking for Professional Cover. I have been a member of the AAT since 2001.

    Initally looking to be part-time self-employed.
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    Professional cover

    I use block P1 insurance cover for small accountancy businesses costs about £50 for up to £5000 fees a year the AAT will give you the contact they use

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