Any recommendations for training providers?

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Hi everyone,

In November I registered for a course on FRSSE which was due to take place this Friday. I found out today that the course is now not being run because there were not enough bookings.

I'm a bit disappointed as I feel I need to update my knowledge of FRSSE before my first year end at the end of March, and I feel I've wasted time since booking the course in November when I could have already taken a course or at least been booked on one somewhere else.

Can anyone recommend a training provider who does an indepth course on FRSSE. I live in Bedfordshire and am happy to travel to places such as London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough.




  • peugeot
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    I think the ACCA have a course on FRSSE in March 2008 in your area. If you do a google search for FRSSE courses in Bedfordshire it should come up. I'm not sure what the costs involved are though.

    Unfortunately, in-depth courses on FRSSE are quite few and far between. The courses I am aware of are merely updates - which may be useful for you. Training providers such as the Mercia Group often have courses running for FRSSE - but again these are merely updates.

    Kind regards
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