Help with Quickbooks Payroll

camille Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸
I desperately need help with Quickbooks payroll.
I have just taken over the payroll for a client, which was previously done by another person on sage.
I have not used quickbooks payroll before and I am finding it hard to work out where to input the figures regarding the employees NI, Tax and pay to date.
Please help!!!


  • karenv
    karenv Registered Posts: 114 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi I use QB's.
    Whats the problem?
    You input previous pay and tax by opening the employees listed on the navigator bar. Then once on that page choose the employees button ( bottom right). This gives you a list of employees. Double click on the name you are adding details for.
    This opens a form with the persons details on. At the top of the form is a drop down box, open that box and choose payroll and compensation info. Once you have done that you use the button for previous employment.

    Hope that helps.
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