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Hi everyone

I need some advice looking for a new job.

I currently work in practice, where i have been studying towards AAT and am awaiting technician results this month. If i stay where i am, my employer will support me in studying ACA as well. However, i really want to move on, but to somewhere offering the same opportunity.

I don't know if its anything to do with me living in the north east, but i just can't seem to find any suitable jobs advertised anywhere.

Anyone got any tips/good recruitment websites/publications that may help me?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated



  • peugeot
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    Hi Mowzer,

    Unfortunately in practice training contracts, these days, are becoming a rareity. There are so many people wanting a training contract but not enough training contracts to go round. Practice these days demands quite a lot from their trainees. Trainees take the "brunt" of a lot because they have to prove themselves. That's what I had to do when I was a student and, unfortunately, it's got worse as time has progressed.

    I can fully understand that you wish to move on and move up - indeed I see this a lot with trainees, however, I think you are ideally placed at the moment as your employer obviously values you as they want to invest further into your ICAEW studies. Why don't you see if you can move up a rung on the ladder to do work that suits your AAT qualification and is more conducive to your ICAEW studies? You may not want to hear this advice from me but I can guarantee you that there is someone that will be reading this who would give their right arm to be in your position.

    Kind regards
  • mowzer
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    i suppose it's an incentive to work hard and keep studying :001_smile:
  • stacky1985
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    hey there,

    I am also in the north east and am currently in pretty much the same situation! I work in practice and am awaiting my Technician results, only thing is...I don't think my employer is going to support me through ACA due to already having someone studying towards it.

    Anyway...I find the best place to get/search for jobs is through agencies as I got offered about 9 through them (all with study support!) when I took my current role about 2 year ago. Try the Reed website, they are a recruitment agency that also show search results for all of the other agencies (Hays, Nigel Wright, Ken Wilson etc.) and you even have the oppertunity to apply for the roles online by attaching your CV! If you register, you can also setup an e-mail alert so that if any jobs matching your criteria come up, they e-mail you. Its quite good! Two of my friends have recently taken new jobs organised through Reed and are very happy! As long as you make it clear what you want and don't let any agencies mess you'll be sound as a pound! Take a look, it might be worth it! Best of luck wi the hunting! nd hope that helped!

  • stacky1985
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    P.S.....As Peugeot said...there are people who would give there right arm to be in the position of having an ACA contract through their employer...I am one of them!! So think carefully about what you are doing before you jump ship!
  • mowzer
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    I probably will stay where i am for now, i would definitely miss the support i have now if i left, but's its always worth keeping an eye on whats out there.

    Good luck with finding some aca support
  • jorja1986
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    Sounds like you are being sensible now.

    (Not that you werent before but it was a big risk finding another job when this one sounds like they are very employee training orientated).

    If you were lucky enough to find one that offered a training contract it is entirely possible that they will only provide the financial support and expect you to just work through the brunt of the work with little help. (Everyone whatever training/qualification level can do with reassurance).

    Hope that you can get the move up that you are aspiring to.
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