Unit 10 Project - Fraud

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Hi I am struggling on the project with fraud. I see some have mentioned the fraud matrix. what is this? How can I find out more.

Appreciate your help.


  • 118 11kate
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    I am also finding this bit of the project a problem and would be grateful for some tips.

    Thanks in advance.

  • CJC
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    This is a really simple fraud matrix but I'm still working on it.


    Bisically you should identify where the potential areas for fraud are and to establish some sort of priorities. Clearly high likelihood and high impact areas need to be looked at with some urgency. You should also try and tie in any proposed changes to the system with high priority weaknesses.

    There's a an awful lot that could potentially be written about fraud and how systems and processes can prevent them. I've found it useful to focus on prevention, detection and response. I.e. how well does a system prevent opportunities for fraud, how does it enhance the detection of fraud and does it facilitate stopping losses and/or catching the perpetrator.

    By the way, if anyone's seriously interested in this sort of stuff Bruce Schneier's Secrets and Lies is a fascinating read. While really being about computer security a lot of scenarios transfer pretty well to thinking about fraud.
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